After the Event

Session Three
Already in Progress

Jimmy and Darkstar emerge from a Flux portal into a clearing, both of them drastically changed, although only Jimmy’s changes are physically obvious. They fight a pair of Shard Throwers with the help of Compass, a Klik scout passing nearby. Afterwards, the three of them join forces, Jimmy and Darkstar because they are new to the world and really don’t have a clue what’s happening, and Compass because they might be useful in his exploration of the region.

Later on they fight another creature, a Darkwood Lurker who was attacking a fairly young Apoc Churl. They surprised the creature so thoroughly that it flew off with hardly a fight. The Churl turned out to be named Aytar, a young man who lived in a village nearby.

The group is told by Aytar that they are traveling on the edge of the undead controlled region and he offers to guide them through the area safely to his village, but needs to make a slight detour. The characters agree to help him out and learn that he is gathering supplies for his adulthood ceremony, and that he needs a particular root that only grows in one location, a nearby ruin.

The ruin turns out to be an old sewage treatment plant, long since defunct but still containing some remaining sewage. While Aytar is gathering his roots the characters are drawn to the sound of a trapped animal from within one of the half collapsed waste processing pools. They approach cautiously, which proves to be to their benefit as they are attacked by a large group of the undead. They defeat the creatures handily, having gained an ally when an unknown shapechanging L’na enters the fray.


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