The Event, a time of unimaginable change that saw three radically different universes collide and merge. The Earth had already changed before the Event, and now it is even stranger. The only survivors of the human race are the Apoc, genetically altered super warriors. SOme have retained their roots as the worlds elite military forces, others have been forced to embrace their primal side and become one with the land around them.

Then there are the visitors, the L’na, a diverse race of magical creatures the likes of which have only been imagined by the human race before now. Able to shape the world around them with their control of magic, they are far from home but splinters of their home world have come with them, some floating magically above the world, others merging with the very bedrock of the Earth.

And then there are the Klik; cold, logical, but somehow sentient beings of cogs and steam, building machines straight from a Victorian madhouse, yet they produce wonders never seen before. They brought their world with them as well, nodes of the Great Machine, which may be their world or their God, no one seems to know for sure, not even the Klik.

This is a world of strife, where even the strong have to struggle to survive and thrive amidst monsters and demons from across a hundred more universes, with storms of raw chaos tearing across the land, changing everything they touch.

After the Event